Making a Decision

We spend our lives planning. From the time we can barely talk people ask us what we’re going to do with our lives. After many plans and expectations, an unanticipated pregnancy can seem like life is over. Especially if it seems like no one but that little voice deep in your heart hopes there is a possibility for making this work. Well, what if that little voice is right? What if this pregnancy isn’t the worst thing possible? What if everything will again be all right, and even better than all right? The Visitation Centre is here to help you unfold the beautiful promise that lies hidden in the unexpected: your greatest self, waiting to emerge.


• See Beyond Your Fears to the Possibilities

Fear is a very strong emotion. At times we can be deceived into living out of irrational or unfounded fears. This can be paralyzing and prevent us from taking positive steps toward a solution. It may also cloud our judgment and lead us astray. Important or life-changing decisions are best made in peace and freedom.

• Circumstances Can Change

It may seem like this pregnancy could not have come at a worse time. Perhaps, you know your family will be disappointed and you expect that they will not support you. You are terrified that your dreams and plans for the future will never be realized. The struggles of your current situation are real, but hope holds the promise of a new beginning.

• Give It Time

Impulsive decisions may lead to regret. We make the best choices when our hearts are calm. Allow yourself time to research all the facts and think clearly through the options. There is time to make a plan that will bring you to a place of freedom and to a decision you won’t regret.

• Secret Decisions Lead to Heartache – You are Not Alone

Women facing an unexpected pregnancy may be embarrassed and ashamed. The first inclination is to hide their “mistake,” or to “take care of the problem,” before anyone knows. This often leads to regret. You are not alone in this journey. Take time and allow us to connect you with those who have been in similar situations and who are willing to share their perspective.

• Your Dreams are Within Reach

You have plans for your life and bringing a child into the world may not be part of those plans right now. However, the mystery of new life within you can be empowering and a great source of motivation to finish school, have a career, and become the woman you were meant to be. We believe in you.

• Listen To Your Heart

Everyone around you may have formed an opinion of what you should do. Cast aside the negative voices drowning out the truth of your goodness, your dignity as a woman, and your tremendous capacity to love. Let us help you discover what will bring the greatest joy to your heart.


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