What are my options?

Are you Pregnant?

We serve women who are pregnant and find themselves in crisis – and provide material, practical and emotional support. We are eager to listen to your hopes, desires, and struggles and find real possibilities during a difficult time. Spanning the nation our resources include housing, employment, medical assistance, legal advice and more. We are connected with talented professionals who are ready to provide support. We want to walk with you and see you thrive.

In the heart of every woman is the longing to be heard, to be understood, to be believed in, to be seen for her unique beauty and goodness that all too often she doesn’t see in herself.

You are a gift. We believe in you. Let’s talk and find a solution you can live with. Take that first step. Call us.

What are my options?


It may be overwhelming to imagine the reality of someone completely dependent on you, particularly when it feels like the “wrong time.” However, the support you need is available, including employment resources, medical referrals, college grants and scholarships, housing, and more. Though parenting is challenging, it is equally rewarding. Discover your heart’s capacity to love beyond your imaginings. Let us walk with you on your journey of self-discovery and new life.


Making an adoption plan is an incredible gift you can offer to the child you carry within you. There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of adoption. It isn’t giving someone up, rather adoption is an act of entrustment made in a spirit of love that is generous and sacrificial. Discover the possibilities and consider if adoption is the right choice for you.


Some people may also consider abortion as an option.


Promoted as a choice that will quickly relieve the burdens of an unexpected pregnancy without consequences, surgical and medical abortion is widely available. However, after listening to thousands of women share their abortion experiences, we have learned the effects of abortion are far-reaching and fail to uphold the beauty and dignity of women. We have also found that women often choose abortion because they feel they have no other choice. Your dreams are still possible. Let hope draw you past fear to live true to yourself and without regrets. We will help you find a way.

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